Shopping for WIC items has been made easy with the introduction of the eWIC card.  As a WIC participant you now have the flexibility to purchase WIC approved items with the swipe of the card.  This enhances the shopping experience of WIC customers in numerous ways: 

WIC participants can shop for just a portion of monthly benefits at one time. 

It provides more confidentiality during transactions. 

It allows for faster and smoother checkout, and advantage for both the customer and the retailer. 

At many stores, such as Kroger and Walmart, WIC participants will be able to swipe their eWIC cards through the same device that accepts credit and debit cards.  Some smaller neighborhood retailers will accept the new eWIC cards using a separate device at checkout.  At checkout the eWIC card will ensure the participant purchases only WIC authorized foods in correct quantities, and removes the margin of cashier error during WIC transactions.

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